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e10 Consulting.com is founded on the principle of providing business owners top value when selling their businesses. We strive to be a leading player in the business brokerage industry by focusing on what’s best for our clients and working diligently to achieve results.

By understanding our clients’ objectives and developing the right strategy to maximize the value of their businesses we can accomplish a smooth sale while making the intensive and sometimes emotional selling process predictable and manageable.

Very few brokerage firms are designed solely to have the Seller’s point of view and interest like ours. The successful sale of your business is achieved by disclosing all the relevant business information to the Buyer upfront allowing the whole picture of the business to be seen from the moment he begins to work with us.

This avoids any false misconceptions or predetermined biases that the buyer may have that can reduce the purchase price and short change the seller.

It also prevents any last minute surprises and helps the buyer feel confident with the business he is about to purchase. The ultimate goal being a much efficient overall transaction.

One of our foremost goals is to employ recognized Guiding Principles in all aspects of your business sale (Never charging any upfront fees) in order to prepare, position and market your business to obtain Top Value in today’s market.

Furthermore, by combining state of the art technology and market savvy with the experience and professionalism of our team, e10consulting.com sets out to empower business owners reach a World-wide audience of pre-qualified buyers that often results in multiple offers at Premium Prices.
Our database of U.S. and foreign buyers allows the placement of your business to this active audience looking for a good business or investment/merger opportunities.