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If you’ve dreamed of owning your own business some day, you’re in good company. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, two-thirds of Americans have entrepreneurial aspirations.  The most cited reasons given by aspiring entrepreneurs are the ability to do something they love and a desire to be their own boss.

But before you jump into being your own boss though, allow to assist you. We specialize in the buying process for both the new and the established buyer. Your personal goals and priorities are integral to the process of defining, locating and evaluating the best business acquisition to suit your needs.

Having a concrete idea of your goals early in the process is vital. Before, during and after your decision-making, will help you refine your objectives and identify the realistic options available to you.

Once a business opportunity is selected, we will guide you through the valuation process to establish an understanding of the value of all elements of the business and it’s earning potential.

Within the framework of your goals and objectives will structure an Offer to Purchase and negotiate agreeable terms. The Offer to Purchase will set forth some or all of the major business terms on which agreement in principle has been reached.

It is not intended to be a binding agreement and typically states that the parties intend at a later date to enter into a formal Sale Purchase Agreement or (S.P.A.) with the terms and/or conditions agreed upon. Once the Offer to purchase is accepted, the next step in the process is due diligence (D.D.)

The D.D. or investigative process is designed to protect your interests by providing objective and reliable information to assist you in making the best possible decision. With a wealth of experience and strategies to reconcile the many complex issues that can arise, we will manage any obstacles to the transaction in order to maintain the progress of the acquisition.

The desired result of a successful due diligence investigation is that the buyer is comfortable with the value of the business and all parties find the price and terms of the transaction acceptable. To complete the transaction the Definitive Purchase Agreement is implemented along with all pertinent documents related to the transfer of the business. will assist you also in retaining the professional services of attorneys and CPAs’ that are familiar with due diligence and business acquisition process in addition to lawyers specializing in immigration matters if you happen to be a foreign investor looking to relocate with your family to the U.S.A.

Going into business for yourself as you can see will undoubtedly require large amounts of commitment and drive to overcome fear of the unknown, but you can rest assured that will guide you every step of the way until you accomplish a successful acquisition.


If you have a certain type of Business or Project and need assistance to get it funded or off the ground, find a partner, take it to the next level or any other type of assistance can certainly help.  It does not matter what type of business it is or how complex or difficult it may be, our team has the relationships, resources and experience to guide you through and achieve your goals under most circumstances.

Our team will be glad to hear and discuss with you what type of assistance you need and if we can can help you will get a plan or customized strategy suited to accomplish what you are looking for.